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 ♥ How much do your plushies cost?

Plushies can range from $25 - $500 + . It really just depends on the size and complexity of the plush. Keep in mind that just because a plush is small does not mean that it's going to be cheaper.

 ♥ Why are they SO expensive? I can buy a plush for $30 at a store.   

A store bought plushie and a plush that is handmade are two completely difference things. These are not toys they are works of art and should be treated as such. The prices for my plushies are based on how long it takes to make them as well as the cost of the materials. 

 ♥ Do they come from an animal-free home? 

I have 3 cats that I love very much who do not have access to my work space and I lint roll all of my plushies multiple times before selling;however, they are in the home itself. Please take your health into consideration.

 ♥ How long will it take to finish my commission? 

I try to have my plushies finished within a reasonable time frame however I do also attend events where I sell at but will keep you updated via my social media outlets. Expect anywhere from 4-6 weeks for a general plush. If it has more detail or is very large it could take longer

 ♥ Can I pick up my plush at _____ event?  

YES! If we are attending the same event I can bring your plush with me and waive the shipping charges that way. The only way I would not be able to bring your plush to the event is if you don't tell me until a week before the event and I am strapped for time.

 Where are you based out of?

I am from South Florida and work out of my home.

 Do you ship worldwide?

I do!! If you are looking to purchase something from the store; however, please message me via my Contact page as the shipping prices are different from Domestic U.S. shipping.

 How do you take care of the plushies?

Plushies are not meant for rough handling. They are more for display and to carry around with you. If your plush gets stained you are able to spot clean with a damp washcloth and can use lint rollers for small particles. Do NOT submerge plush in water.

Can you make a plush in this plush artist’s style?

No. If you would like to have a plush with a specific style of another artist then it’s best to order with that specific plush artist.

Do you give refunds?

Refunds are not given except in the event that I am unable to finish your plush for whatever reason and can not complete it in the foreseeable future.