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♥ Comissions Info ♥


♥ Prices & Information

As of right now commissions are closed and on a slot based system.

The price ranges below are for you to use as a guide. Remember prices can be more or less depending on complexity and size.




  • Small 6-9" : $80 - $250

  • Medium 10 - 14" : $100 - $300

  • Large 15 + : $200 +


  • Small 6-9" : $80 - $250

  • Medium 10 - 14" : $120 - $600

  • Large 15 - 23" : $200 - $800

  • Over 24": Start at $350

Additional Features

  • Wiring/Pose-ability : $5 - $50

  • Voicebox : $30

  • Needlesculpted details : $15

  • Removable clothing/extra clothes : $50 - $150

  • Weapons/Accessories : $10 - $100


$80 - $100

  • Chibis are 10" tall and have a set pattern to make it as simple as possible. There are no additional features for these types of plushies.


Prices are in USD$
Prices above do not include shipping fees
Prices include high quality fabrics and labor.
Price quotes are valid for 3 months


♥ Current Plushie Work List

This is what I'm currently working on, we will set up a time frame when we discuss your plush.

  • Aerith [Chibi]

  • Alice (B.Rabbit) {Chibi]

  • Palutena [Medium Sized] -With weapon

  • Akatsuki (UNIST) [Chibi]

  • Mai Natsume (Blazblue) [Chibi]

♥ Would You Like A
   ONE OF A KIND Plush?

Please fill out the form below for a quote! Please look over the price list as well as gallery to make sure that prices and my style work for you.

Name *
Please indicate the specific game/movie you would like as sometimes different series have different versions of that character and I want to be as accurate as possible ^_^
If you don't have a particular size you want you can always tell me a range like 10 - 12" and I can work within that.
Please include links to reference images here. I rely heavily on reference images.
Please indicate if you would like any features to the plush like removable clothing or magnetic capabilities. You can also include anything else you would like for the plushie in this area.
This is so that I am able to calculate the shipping costs. Plushies on the larger scale would have to be calculated at the time of shipping as to not under or overcharge.